Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 I’ve been with Reishel & Associates for 25+ years and have found them to be very trustworthy. They have made me feel confident with this company and I have always felt my funds are in good hands. They’re never in a rush, interested to socialize, as well as, doing business.

I’m very comfortable doing business with them and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. 

Bill O.


 30 years ago, I invested my small future with Paul Reishel and he always said that I would someday retire on a Thursday. Throughout the years we planned and executed together; tracked and readjusted financial goals based on the many seasons of life. My family, and our portfolio, grew as did our trust and collaboration with the IG Private Wealth team. Andrew and Justin now also provide their expertise and timely professional service for our investment, RRSP/RESP needs, in harmony with our insurance and estate plans. Reishel & Associates strategies and success in playing the long game helps to support the next generation of our family and their goals now that my Thursday has arrived, earlier than expected. 

Caroline L., Long Time Happy Client


 One never expects to experience tragedy and loss, and when it hits, the ability to navigate the world of finances can be incredibly challenging terrain. I was introduced to Paul by a friend during some of the darkest days of my life—a time shrouded in a fog of loss but with important lifelong decisions needing to be made in a time-sensitive manner.

Paul’s patient, compassionate care supported me through making these tough decisions. He took the time to explain all my options, to repeat things as many times as needed, and provide me with guidance based on his years of valuable experience. I’m honestly not sure I would have been able to navigate those times without Paul’s unwavering commitment to my financial care.

As life continued to change, Paul remained involved and offered additional supports whenever needed to address the ever-evolving circumstances that life presents—both expected and unexpected situations.

I feel my portfolio has experienced the growth that only a trusted advisor could provide, along with his personalized attention, accessibility, and knowledge on my wants and needs. Paul truly is a valued member of my team and an integral part of assisting me in planning for the future. 

Jenn R.


 IG Private Wealth Management, and particularly Paul Reishel, came highly recommended when we were in need of advanced and knowledgeable financial planning. Paul and his team have been very hands-on in providing excellent advice regarding investments and estate planning. In-person review meetings, as well as follow-up telephone calls on a regular basis, give us the sense of security and confidence we were looking for. We feel very comfortable recommending Reishel & Associates, IG Private Wealth Management. 

Dale and Ken M.